Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday stuff

Here's a video about a stupid dinner-time trick that had Floyd and me laughing for about 20 minutes. (Warning: may be too sophisticated for some people)

Steve Barry has an interesting discussion about men in church. Key phrase: "Singing prom songs to Jesus"

Joshua is off this weekend at a cross-country meet up in Vermont. His running is certainly improving. He was running around the yard with a friend from the team last weekend, and they looked like deer bounding along. The last time I ran a friend commented that I run "like a sociologist"

Everything you wanted to know about building a hang glider--good news about how careful they are! (From John)

Albert Einstein is viewed as a bit of a pop philosopher. After reading this post (by Ray Fowler) about his wedding contract, I am not so sure.


Ray Fowler said...

I had a friend pull that "dinner-time trick" on me at lunch once in a restaurant, and I just about lost it. Too funny!

Casey Ross said...

His expressions are hilarious. And did you see the video on that site about how to get free food at McDonalds? Funny. If I get caught trying that, you'll bail me out, right?

John said...

I looked up the address for the Wills Wing factory and it's within a half mile of two of my clients.

So, the next time I'm in the 'hood I'm taking by a case of beer to thank them for building a beginner's glider that could ride out a gust front comfortably and safely.

Jim said...

On "singing prom songs to Jesus": While I do not consider myself to possess a spectacular voice, in Pentecost, at least, that's not always a priority. I sing well enough, I suppose, to have shared solos with the congregation and, in my opinion, who says you have to sing "the" song as it is written. A friend once noted that you can "sing" as well as "tell" a lie. Keeping that in mind, whenever lyrics did not specifically apply to me, I simply changed them and brought it forth from my heart. Nothing "chickified" about it, if the song (as it should be) is given in true worship...

Brad Wright said...

Glad to hear that it works, Ray. I'm definitely going to have to try it.

I'll bail you out, Casey, if I'm not in the next cell over.

Sounds like a fun trip, John.

Jim, interesting thoughts about worship.