Friday, October 19, 2007

Go Fight Ham Fighters!

Over the years I have been a fair-weather fan of several baseball teams, the Red Sox, Orioles, Dodgers, and anyone playing the Yankees.

Now, however, I have a team that I believe in, be a true fan... The Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters! My new favorite team offers distinct advantages:

- The name (and I do like ham!)
- Their mascot: "Fighty," is fluorescent pink and resembles a fuzzy pterodactyl and rides a bicycle
- During the fifth-inning sweep, the cheerleaders and groundskeepers dance to the Village People's YMCA
- In 1980's the Fighters wore bright orange-and-yellow uniforms in an attempt to attract fans.


Knumb said...


They fight on behalf of ham and not against the pork product?

Those wacky Japanese.

Brad Wright said...

I believe so, but they might fight for all pork products.

Jay Livingston said...

The Yankees groundskeepers have been doing YMCA during the mid-game infield sweep for some years now.