Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday stuff

As a family we were talking about what we'd like to do this summer, and the boys get to each pick a couple of things. Gus, my oldest, chose various sports-related stuff. Cathy and me getting stuff down around the house and taking day-trips. Floyd, however, had his own idea. He said that he wants to have a food fight. That's right, a food fight. This is not something we talk about, so I have no idea where he got it... but food fight it is. So, some afternoon, we're going to have his friends over, set up a table with plenty of food (out on the lawn, of course), and let them go at it. (We may require eye protection). Hey, why not?

Any thoughts about what kind of food we should "serve"?

I've been reading and enjoying Joyce Kendrick's blog. A nice mixture of postings about Christianity and her everyday life.

It's still strawberry season, and my colleague, David Weakliem, dropped off eight pounds of fresh-picked ones last week. Along with a quart of whipping cream, they did not last long. He also sent me this quotation about strawberries:

Izaak Walton's 1655 comment, "We may say of Angling as Dr. Boteler said of Strawberries; Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did," is perhaps the nicest use of the word strawberry in its history.

Speaking of food, here are five foods to avoid. I think that this is all that Homer Simpson eats.

Congratulations to Drek for three years of blogging. Wow!



Markus Watson said...

I think that's awesome that you're gonna do a food fight with your kids! As a youth pastor, I hear this and think, "If only more parents would have food fights with their kids..."

Knumb said...

"If only more parents would have food fights with their kids..."

Oh, I think we should have a little contest to finish this sentence.

"... there would be less asparagus left to be wung at my head!"

Joyce said...

Mashed potatoes! Gotta have mashed potatoes! Jello is fun, too. And peas! They fling nicely. :)

Hey, thanks for reading and sharing my blog ... I'm glad you are enjoying it. But um, the link you posted doesn't work. LOL. It's correct on your blogroll but not in your post. (Not that I was greedily noticing or anything. Ha!)

Oh, any sticky noodle casserole is also great food fight ammo. Have fun!

DLW said...

I'd suggest ripe tomatoes. See the following site for background:

sapience said...

When I think of food fights, I always think of the scene in Hook where Peter rediscovers imaginary food. So, the goopier the food, the better. And obviously no coconuts.

Knumb said...

In case those foods cause indigestion

Brad Wright said...

Markus, if as a youth pastor, you're thinking about kids and their family lives, you're certainly doing something write!

John, that would make a good contest. Probably better than the ones I've done in the past!

Joyce, mashed potatoes is know on the menu. I'm thinking gravy as well.

David, I actually thought of that tomatoe fight... I've seen stories about it before, and it looks *so* fun.

Sapience, I hadn't thought about coconuts. I had been thinking goopy, but maybe something with more stopping power might be the ticket.

S.S.Stone said...

I'd try to pick the most parsimonious food item you can find for this food fight.*wink*