Friday, June 15, 2007

Christianity and sexual satisfaction

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As a follow up to yesterday's post on orgasms, here are data from the NHSLS regarding self-reported measures of sexual satisfaction.

The percentage of respondents who said they are "extremely physically satisfied" with their partner.

49%, Evangelical Protestants
48%, Mainline Protestants
44%, No religion
44%, Catholics
42%, Other religion

44%, Evangelical Protestants
39%, Mainline Protestants
39%, Catholics
35%, No religion

Religion associated with good sex? Maybe prayer does work!

Source: The Social Organization of Sexuality, Laumann et al., p. 117.


S.S.Stone said...

Every time I come onto your site Brad it's like "shock & awe"!...i never know what I'm going to be presented with when I arrive and you brilliantly pick the most suited pictures to go with your posts.
So if I was to marry an Evangelical Protestant (49%) and I'm Catholic(39%) that means he'll be more satisfied.(SEX EQUITY ??)
It appears the men are more satisfied than the women, even the "no religion" group...maybe they're secretly praying more.;)

Brad Wright said...

There certainly is a huge gender effect with orgasms, less so, but still there with sexual satisfaction. Makes me wonder why it's not higher here?

I hadn't thought about the practical value of these data... in guiding marital choices.

Tom Volscho said...

Are those differences statistically significant? I had used that data in a paper once, but forgot the range of questions they ask.

Knumb said...


"Shock & Awe"


Brad Wright said...

Hey Tom,

Good question about statistical significance. Frankly, I hesitate to get into that, though, because I'm aiming these analyses at people who aren't familiar with that. Also, with four groups there are many, many comparisons that could be made.

Laumann, in his write-up of these data, emphasizes the higher scores of protestant women... implying statistical significance.

Anonymous said...

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