Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Christians and paying for sex II

(Post 8 in a series)

As a follow up to the previous post, here are rates of having paid for sex by religion separately by gender. No surprise, men do it a lot more than women, so it makes sense do the gender analysis.

Here's the question: "Thinking about the time since your 18th birthday, have you ever had sex with a person you paid or who paid you for sex?" Note: This question does refer to the past year, which I had erroneously reported for the last post. Thanks for catching that David.

There are two numbers for each category. The first is the percentage "yes" for male respondents, the second for female respondents.

22%, 6.3%, Not active black Protestant
22%, 4.1%, Active black Protestant
21%, 2.1%, Jewish
21%, 1.7%, Not active other religion
18%, 0%, Active other religion
18%, 1.4%, Not active Catholic
18%, .9%, Not active mainline Protestant
18%, 2.7%, No religious affiliation
15%, 1.7%, Active Catholic
14%, 1.7%, Not active Evangelical
13%, 1.0%, Active Protestant
9%, 1.5%, Active Evangelical

The data are from the General Social Survey, 1984 - 2004
"Active" = attending services about once a week or more.
Smallest cell sizes are for active, male black protestants (n=127), male, active, other religion (n=153), male jews (154), female jews (183), and active, female other religion (n=208)


Drek said...

Am I right in thinking that you're using the "no religion" option in the Relig variable as your indicator for "atheist/agnostic"?

Brad Wright said...

Yes and no.

That is the "no religion" value on "relig", but I was trying to get at was no religious affliation/ atheist/ agnostic. I don't think of everyone in that category being atheist or agnostic. Certainly non-atheists can have no religious preference (and, I suppose the reverse is true as well).

I added the atheist/agnostic language to help clarify the coding for the lay-reader.

Thoughts on how to label that value better?

Knumb said...

That's the second post that I initially misread to say:

"Christians and Praying for Sex"

Why not? Probably better for the marriage than praying for a new SUV.

Heck, there's no passage that says "Do not drive each other to the store except by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer"

Brad Wright said...

That's very funny John! (and probably good theology too).