Sunday, June 24, 2007

My brother is high

Congratulations to my brother John, who recently set a personal best hang gliding by getting up to over 6,000 feet. Yikes, that's a long ways up there.


Knumb said...

when is the other wright brother coming out to get above launch?

S.S.Stone said...

Congratulations knumb! I'm sure the "view" is amazing!
yes, the "Wright Brothers" were born to fly! *smile*

derek said...

Well John, you got higher than me. My highest was about 1200 feet. Of course, I was hanging on to a big rock at the time!

There I am doing some research for a sermon on sexuality and I run into a blog belonging to a Brad Wright who looked familiar with a brother whose name is John. Pretty cool!

Your stories about high school brought back memories. So was it Chuck who brought the green and white paint instead of the pink?

For that matter remember rapelling down the apartment side in Davis? That still cracks me up.

Knumb said...

Windt was the guy who bought the wimpy paint.

I've got that rapelling pic around here somewhere.

Found it:

Bonus pic of Troy Turley, Brad. That apartment is, of course, the Viking, made famous by one Brad Wright and his stomping buddies.

Didn't bother to take it out of the old album... that'd launch a big project to restore/reseat my old pics.