Thursday, March 29, 2007


My brother John, heretofore referred to as my all-time favorite brother (MAFB), has invited me out to Southern California in May for several days of hang gliding. Not only that, but MAFB is flying me out with his frequent flyer miles. Not only that, but he knows some really good Mexican food restaurants. Not only that, he has promised In-N-Out. Not only that, he lives less than a mile from the beach. Not only that, I get some quality time goofing with my adorable niece.

Is it May yet?



André said...

Do you have room for a 6'5" guy in your carry on luggage? I won't complain that much about being crammed in an overhead bin...

Brad Wright said...

Sure thing, the more the merrier! Besides, you'd probably have as much room in the overhead compartment as I will in coach seating.

Knumb said...

Nice to see my poll numbers are up over Brad's other brother.


Looking forward to seeing you, bro.