Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Integrating faith & sociology

This morning I had the chance to talk by phone with a class of students at Wheaton College--a Christian college in Illinois. Their professor, Jim Mathisen, teaches a seminar on integrating faith and sociology (in addition to having written several interesting papers on the topic).

This is probably the first time I have spoken with students, in a classroom setting, about matters of faith, and it took me awhile to make the transition away from the religious-neutral or -negative assumptions made in a public university.

I was also struck by how much they've already thought about this issue. They would ask questions along the lines of "have you thought about this" or "what about doing that", and I would try to say something smart, but inside I was thinking that I should think/ do what they were suggesting. Bright students who are into Christianity & sociology... how cool.

I'm thinking that I should enroll in that seminar myself.


Michael W. Kruse said...

Have you ever read David Lyon's "Christians and Sociology"?


I remember reading it while I was in sociology Grad school. I also remember his Sociology and the Human Image being particularly helpful.


Brad Wright said...

I just ordered it on-line. Thanks for the tip (I'm a fan of IVP books in general).

marc said...

I haven't read this all the way through, and it's by now dated. But have you by any chance looked at Tony Compolo's Through the Eyes of Faith? If so I'd be interested what you think.

Brad Wright said...

H-m-m-m, looks like a good read. I'll put it on my reading list.