Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hopefully only a cane, probably a wheelchair

On Wednesday I realize a long-standing intention... I start a yoga-spin class offered at our local community center. It's 45 minutes of spinning and 45 minutes of yoga. Let's see, I am completely out of shape, and I can bend over just far enough to put my hands in my pockets, so I should be dead-meat on Thursday.

Why am I doing this? Besides my on-going, vague plan of getting in shape in the near future, I also have to worry about my sister. You see, Susie, who lives in South Bend, IN, is in amazing physical shape. She started taking spin classes several months ago (as something to do when it's too cold in South Bend to ride bicycles outside--roughly ten months a year), and already taunting spin instructors. She visited a gym recently to take their spin class entitled "Road Rage". About halfway through, she asked, in her most innocent of voices, "is this all?"

At somepoint I will visit my sister or she will visit me, and she'll sucker me into a walk or bicycle ride, and I want to make it further than usual before I fall over.


Knumb said...

Don't go to a yoga/spin class in OC... unless you wanna do some 'splainin to the wife.

Brad Wright said...