Monday, August 25, 2008

The worst statistic about Christianity for 2008

Last spring, I announced a contest to find the worst statistic about Christianity, and we have a winner submitted by Ben Dubow.

The website: has a headline that states in terms of respect in America, "Only Prostitutes Rank Lower Than Evangelicals." Wow, what a shocking finding, if true (though one commentator quipped "poor prostitutes").

This statistic is not only wrong, it's so wrong that it boggles the mind that otherwise thoughtful people could accept it as true. We Christians seems remarkably eager to think poor of ourselves.

I've posted before some survey data regarding this issue, and clearly Christians, even Evangelicals are reasonably well thought of. Click here. Among religious groups, Muslims and Atheists have a much greater image problem than Christians. In society as a whole, politicians are thought very poorly of.

Even a moment's thought would show the folly of this statistic. We've had Evangelical Christian presidents, and even in this campaign, both candidates are eager to associate themselves with Saddleback Valley church. Sports stars and all manner of celebrity have identified themselves as Evangelical Christian--something that wouldn't happen if it were as stigmatizing as suggested.

I did a little digging, and the creation and distribution of this statistic is rather interesting. I'll be posting on it throughout this week. In the meantime, congrats to Ben for sending me this statistic. The reward is maple syrup, but we can go out to lunch if you'd rather.

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Ben Dubow said...

Wow! I never win anything... if it is OK I'll take lunch... more fun than syrup alone, lol.