Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Dad is better than your Dad because...

Back in the 1920s, or whenever it was, I can remember a few discussions with other kids about whose Dad was smarter or stronger or richer. My Dad can beat up your Dad? (Though, I never said that--I tried to play the smart angle).

Well... this weekend I was blindsided by a modern version of that. One of Gus' friends came over, and they played World of Warcraft--and on-line role-playing game. (Think Dungeons and Dragons computerized). This friend logged into his account and used his fathers character, who was the highest level and could basically kick pixel butt. Gus and Floyd had big eyes watching this boy's father's character tear things up, and then Floyd asked me why I didn't play World of Warcraft.

Basically, the friend's Dad's character can beat up mine (if I had one).