Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Morton's Fork

A Morton's fork refers to a choice with between unpleasant options. Well, because of my excessive use of my dinner fork, I now face a Morton's fork.

Over summer I sort of gained a fair amount of weight. Oops. I didn't really notice/ appreciate the change because I wore shorts every day, and they have elastic in them. Well, it was cold one morning last week, and so I put on my long pants, or, more accurately, tried to put them on. None of them fit, so I have several undesirable options.

1) Lose weight. Ugh, this is difficult and frustrating. If I could do this easily, I would have long ago.

2) Wear shorts all winter. I could just wear shorts all year around and be seen as eccentric (ah, maybe "more eccentric".) In not too long, I'll be looking like the guy in the picture...

3) Buy a pair of interim pants. As Chris Uggen defines them, interim pants are a larger size, used only temporarily until one "can presumably fit into one's real pants." The problem with this approach is that today's interim pants become tomorrow's "real" pants.

It's staying warm, for now, but somethings gotta give pretty soon.

Any advice?


jeremy said...

4) Sweat pants--the answer to all of life's problems. Elasticity and warmth all wrapped into one fantastic piece of apparel.

Of course, upon purchase, I think you have to sign a document stipulating that you've given up on life.

Brad Wright said...

Very good, Jeremy... I didn't even think about that.

jeremy said...

More seriously, I do have some pants with a "comfort waist" that can expand an inch or two to accommodate extra girth. That covers a multitude of sins--or in my case, a multitude of cheeseburgers and milkshakes.

lmilesw said...

I have a one page (for now) blog that explains how I lost 100 pounds over the last two years. CH3NOW

Knumb said...

What was it you said when I had a similar dilemma for a racing hang gliding harness for a 180 lb. man?

"Will that be cash or charge?"


Get down to 200 bro, there's a Falcon 3 coming your way. I've been bitten by the double-surface bug (see my blog).

Brad Wright said...

Now that is incentive, John!

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