Thursday, August 21, 2008

Watching the kids grow, right past me

As any parent, I enjoy watching my kids grow up, and I notice when they pass me in some area. For example, Gus last year could swim faster than me.

This week had two such milestones, one a bit disconcerting.

Around dinner table last night, Gus pointed out that et cetera means "and other things" and ex cetera means "and other people." Now, I don't know if he's correct, but I think it means that he's officially learned more in high school, by the start of his sophomore year, than I did the whole time. That I'm pleased with.

At dinner last night, we were laughing about something that happened earlier in the day (one of those you had to be there things), and my motto is that if something is funny once, it's funny a bunch of times. So, about halfway through dinner, I brought up the story again. Floyd looked and me and very kindly said, "I don't think that joke is funny anymore, Daddy."

Great, he's 7 years old and already more mature than me.

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