Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday stuff

Floyd and I were watching Indiana Jones (the first one) on video, and Floyd had a funny moment of disbelief. In an early scene where Indy is first going off to find the ark, he shows his boss how ready he is for trouble by packing a gun in his suitcase. In the next scene he gets on an airplane. Floyd's started response: "Dad, he's taking a gun on an airplane!"

A fundamental lesson in hang gliding is to always strap yourself in to the glider before you launch. (Bad things happen when you don't). French skydiver Michel Fournier was going to set a world altitude record by jumping from 130,000 feet. Problem is, the balloon took off with out him. Oops.

Over the past few years, I have been regrading our yard with a shovel and wheelbarrow. It's a pretty big yard, so it's taking awhile. At this point, I've had 100+ cubic yards delivered, and a couple dozen more dug up from one place and dumped to another. Well... I got 14 more yards delivered last week, and the only thing that surprised me was how happy it made me to have more dirt. Another sign of aging?

Ben Byerly continues to post good stuff about race and religion and culture and religion.

Brian Jones, a remarkably prolific blogger, has a series worth reading: Blog Series Pastors Gone Wild-- most of them are things I hadn't really thought of (plus, a great title!)


Ray Fowler said...

We just watched Raiders last night for our Friday family movie night. But I didn't pick up on the gun in the plane thing. I remember the scene, but I didn't make the connection at the time.

Knumb said...

Sam Kineson had a comedy routine about his girlfriend getting mad at him and packing a loaded .38 in his carry-on.

Floyd kills me, catching that.

Ben Byerly said...

Sharp kid. Thanks for the mention; though I'm mostly posting other people's good stuff ;-).