Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday stuff

Ah, I've been busted. Cathy buys after-school snacks for the boys, and she told me this morning that Gus is selecting his primarily on the criterion of what he thinks I won't eat. Now I've got to misrepresent my true preferences, lest we only have snacks that I don't like!

Floyd was assigned to draw a five-panel cartoon for his first-grade class. His artistic decision: Somebody named "Fred" falling off a cliff in the first panel and continuing to fall until he hits bottom in the last panel. I thought it was hilarious!

Chris Uggen on UMinn's new evaluation forms. There's talk of doing something similar here at UConn, and as far as I can tell, the primary goal is to keep students from actually evaluating us.

We usually have family devotions on Monday night (prayer, Bible), but this Monday everyone was beat, so we did the next best thing--watched a Three Stooges DVD.

So long Dan Myers at BlueMonster!

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