Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday stuff

Well, it's Mother's day, and the boys each spent time yesterday getting their presents ready. I pitched in with the present that says romantic love--a 40 pound bag of manure, complete with bow. (It's accompanied by a trip to the nursery and a couple hours of pledged garden work).

Gus bought and put together a loft bed, something that he's always wanted. It's really cool, though it's bit high. He has scarcely two feet from the ceiling when he's in bed--reminds me of the beds in a submarine. Still he's happy.

When he brought his old bed downstairs, he carefully carried the frame. But, when it was time for the mattress, he put it on its side and rode it down the stairs like a sled. There was quite a crash into the front door but even more laughing.

Floyd went 3 for 4 in his first tee-ball game yesterday. Not sure any balls made it out of the infield, but he did make it to first base.

I finished grading yesterday. Every semester I'm surprised by how much time it takes, along with calculating and entering grades--better part of a week with big classes. It's so exhausting, that I may have to take 3.5 months off from teaching. :-)


Ben Byerly said...

What a family!! These are become my weekly favorite posts anywhere on the web.

Brad Wright said...

Thanks Ben, but frankly, I think I'm a better story-teller than I am father...