Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday stuff

We tried a technology experiment in our family this week--spilling a whole cup of coffee on a laptop computer keyboard. Turns out that it runs the computer... Who would have thought. The funniest part was turning the computer sideways and pouring coffee back into the cup--an expensive way to serve it.

In winter, things are pretty drab unless it snows. It snowed yesterday, so I was out this morning taking pictures. I needed to keep track of the time because I had a meeting in mid-morning. Not having a watch, I ended up carting around my clock radio (that runs on batteries when unplugged). I'm thinking it might be time to get a watch.

In the last few weeks, I've had people contact me about research I did in graduate school, including my dissertation. Let's see, with this inquiry about my dissertation, that makes two of us who have read it. (I'm still not convinced that my committee did-or should have for that matter).

Gus had a sleepover last night with his high school friends. He was the heavy sleeper of the bunch--got two hours. He went to be today at 4 in the afternoon.

Here's a video of my brother hang gliding at Big Sur. As Marlin soars over the beautiful Pacific, Jim shovels his Connecticut driveway again.


shrinkingisaac said...

i'm puzzled about not having a "time keeping device"...i mean surely you have a cell phone, no?

Knumb said...

bummer about the coffee...

you can send me the hard drive if you want me to recover the info from it.. I'll tell you how to dig it out.

Here's the youtube version of the video:

Get the hi def one, though... trust me, it's worth it.

Brad Wright said...

I'm not really into cell phones. About the only person who ever calls me is my wife, and she's memorized my office phone. Other than her, I'd just as soon people not be able to get a hold of me whenever.

Thanks for the offer, John! That's very kind of you.

jeremy said...

My sentiments exactly on the cell phone. Glad to know I'm not the only one.