Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cheering for the Huskies

Okay, I'm not a real sports fan. I'm more a cheer-for-my-team-when-its-winning fan. I don't like watching close, well-contested games, I like blow-outs (when the right team wins).

This makes me the ideal fan for UConn women's basketball. Cheering for them is like watching a nature documentary about seals and cheering for the sharks. It's like cheering for riot police that brutally crush a peaceful strike. It's like cheering for the hammer against the nail.

They not only win, they usually win by a lot. Here's the recap of last night's game--they were up 60-22 at halftime. They also play a remarkably unselfish, well-executed offense and tenacious defense.

You know, I was a little upset that Marquette broke 20.

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