Saturday, February 24, 2007

UConn BB trash talking

A fun thing about being at UConn is following the basketball teams. I particular enjoy Geno Auriemma, the coach of the women's basketball team. Every few years he adopts a hilarious strategy that goes like this:

If it is a big road game and he has a young team, then he'll trash talk the other team's fans to get them focused on him and off the team.

On Monday the women's team plays Rutgers away. The women's team is very young (no seniors) and if they win, they'll be undefeated in the conference (assuming they win today) and have a good shot at a #1 seed in the NCAAs.

So, what does Geno say? Recently he said that the Rutgers fans are "born miserable" and "stay miserable." Asked yesterday if he wanted to back off those statements, he instead amplified them. "They're ignorant" and "They have trouble putting sentences together." Also this gem: "Everybody loves me except those people."

My prediction for Monday night: The Rutgers fans will go nuts yelling at Geno while his team quietly wins the game.

Update: Tuesday, 2/27. The Rutgers fans booed loudly whenever Geno stepped onto the court, and they also held up signs denouncing him. The opposing coach said that it was a circus. UConn won 70-44.

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