Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In defense of creationists, sort of

In writing about stereotypes of Christians last week, I read through various items about Christian creationists: People who reject the ideas of human evolution for a more biblically-literal account of *how* humans & the world were created. Think everything done in 6 days, no dinosaurs, etc.... Now there is a group that needs a new PR agent. They get hammered in blogosphere and conventional media.

My own beliefs about this matter look to the bible for the "who" and "why" questions of creation and to science for "how." But, in defense of creationists, they may have things a lot less wrong than some of their critics. Here's what I mean:

*IF* there is a God/creator along the lines posited in Christianity, then creationists get a small portion of science wrong (i.e., evolution), but they get life's most basic assumption right. Many critics of creationism would be the opposite--dead wrong (so to speak) about perhaps the most essential aspect of reality. Irony anyone?

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