Saturday, February 17, 2007

Playing video games with my son

As a way of spending time with my 13-year-old son, I am learning to play video games on his X-box. I've never been much interested in video/computer games, for I have trouble suspending disbelief--I'm aware that nothing is really happening other than colors moving around a television screen. I don't mind playing them, but it's nothing I'd do on my own.

Well... my son's favorite game is a space-alien shoot-em-up game called Halo (apparently it's a pretty big seller for MicroSoft), so that's what we play. Being new at this, here are the things I do best:

1) Accidentally shoot my son's character

2) Fall off cliffs/ledges/buildings

3) Get stuck in corners. Sometimes I have the visual orientation facing straight up, so when I'm in a corner the roof just spins and I move around. The first couple times this happened, I shouted to that I was in some sort of whirlpool... My son suggested that I back out of the corner.

The only thing that weirds my out a little is the moral shift in role playing. In the Star Wars game, sometimes we're the rebels (yeah!) but sometimes we're the empire (booh!). Yesterday we fought Ewoks :-(


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