Friday, May 08, 2009

Celine Dion, end of procrastination

Are you having trouble getting your work done? Been procrastinating? Well, I've got the answer. Below I've posted a video of a song voted the worst cover song ever--Celine Dion singing AC/DC's "You shook me all night long."

Here's how it works. Set a goal for yourself, and if you don't reach it, then make yourself watch this video.

If it happens a second time, you have to watch the video in high definition (no one's ever made it that far).



B. Hawk said...

...more cowbell?

That might be one of the most frightening things to which I've ever been subjected.

K T Cat said...


Brad Wright said...

Celine Dion and cowbells... how sweet it is.

Emma said...

Ok: this was a 3 step process.

1.) I've been procrastinating basically since mid-March.
2.) I was playing on facebook, and noticed this post.
3.) I watched for about 2 minutes, marveled at Celine Dion's air-guitar skills and what seemed to maybe be some weird Mick Jagger-channeling, wondered who the heck that other girl was, and then turned it off.
4.) In two minutes flat, got 2 seminar papers completed in handed in.

... well, almost. Mostly it made me plan a vacation to Vegas.
OK. That was a lie too. Sorry Brad.

Emma said...

and apparently it was more like a four step process, but number four was totally a lie. So it doesn't count.

Dave Patchin said...

.....sorry, I just came to. I had this horrible nightmare about Celine Dion trying to cover a raunchy AC/DC hit from the 80's. But it was so real, it didn't feel like a dream. More like a "night terror."


Brad Wright said...

That sound terrible, Dave. You might seek counseling...