Wednesday, January 21, 2009

8-year-old Floyd almost takes down 15-year-old Gus

Over the holidays, Floyd, our eight-year-old son, almost pulled of the prank of his young life. You see, Gus, our fifteen-year-old son was organizing a holiday party at our house. So, he was in the process of e-mailing an invitation to 14 friends, many of whom were girls (!). Now, Gus is a reasonably secure young man, but like any high school sophomore, he cares deeply what his friends think of him.

Well, Gus got up to get something to drink, and Floyd sat down on the computer and added a coda to the e-mail. He wrote, and I quote: "I am a butt face". It was the perfect prank--absolutely embarrassing, and maybe even worse to have to explain that your cute little brother pranked you.

The only hitch in this otherwise brilliant plan--Floyd, having never used e-mail, did not know how to send the message, so he was hitting various buttons on the screen when Gus came back in. Gus read the message, screamed, and ripped the keyboard out of Floyd's hands. Gus was rather panic stricken at what almost happened.

I can only surmise that Floyd gets his sense of humor from his mother.


Knumb said...

did gus throw floyd in the pool?

Brad Wright said...

No, he's not that mean!

Mark said...

Gus probably won't figure it out for 30 or 40 years that had the girls he invited to his party found out about the prank they probably would have thought it to be really cute and Gus would be even more popular in school with the girls and not less. How often do our fears actually keep us from what we want?