Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday stuff

Well, Gus finished 9th grade this week, and he had a pool party to celebrate. He invited over a group of 12 friends who included.... girls. Yep, he invited girls to all his parties through about 5th grade, but then something happened. I think they got cooties, but I'm not sure. Well, they seem to have recovered and are now on the friend list again.

Cathy pointed out the significance of this in our party planning--we needed to buy veggies and dip, not just the usual junk. We also had to order a cheese pizza to go along with the usual meat-lovers.

Gus is now a sophomore. Ugh... I can remember my sophomore year--all too well.

Floyd watched a film involving someone who is homeless. He thought about it, and then declared that if he was homeless and really hungry, he might have to eat rotten raccoon. (I'm not sure where this reference came from, but I'm worried that it's code for my cooking.)

I got a new computer at work, an iMac, and it's really fun. The difference between Macs and PCs isn't that great anymore (compared to the original mac vs. ms-dos), but it's still fun to use.


Knumb said...

Fun times... what did you do the last week of 9th grade, Brad? Wasn't their a water weenie and a traumatized librarian involved?

Please have Gus go to the prom in a baby blue tux. PLEASE.

Knumb said...

wasn't there
wasn't there not their