Friday, June 13, 2008

Gender and sailing

Floyd, being a Cub Scout, is taking part in a sailing regatta. This involves building a small, wooden sailboat and letting it float around a pond with other boats.

Well, in building it, Floyd took several minutes to put it together, but he then took a long time in sharpening the front of the boat. He sanded the wood very carefully to get it "razor sharp", in his words.

Cathy and I were sitting there when he announced what he was doing. We both saw only one possible explanation for it, and our explanations were different.

Cathy thought Floyd was sharpening the bow so that the boat could move through the water more efficiently.

I thought he was sharpening it so that it could properly ram other boats.

Guess who was right? :-)


Ben Byerly said...

No doubt about it. I immediately thought about the scene from Stuart Little.

Knumb said...

proudest... uncle... ever!