Thursday, December 06, 2007

An end-of-the-semester question

Today was my last lecture in Sociology of Religion. I enjoyed teaching it, and really liked the students, but I came away from today asking a question:

Who looks forward to the end of the semester more? Students or professors.

I think it's professors because we don't risk graduating out of college into the real world.

What do you think?


Ben said...

I thought you loved your job ;-).

Brad Wright said...

I do, especially when the semester is over!

Janet said...

I vote for professors. As much as I love teaching, the performance aspect of it is exhausting and I look forward to hiding out in my office for a few weeks. (Then I get bored and lonely and I'm excited to start teaching again.)

Brad Wright said...


I'm the exact same way... for the same reasons.

My last class was yesterday, I spent today with the door shut getting to things I've put off the last two weeks.

Anonymous said...

We all need some relief from even the most loved professions to be renewed. Enjoy the break!