Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christian Smith and social forces affecting young people

Christian Smith has written an interesting essay about demographic and social changes for young people. Scot McKnight summarizes it helpful as follows:
"Many today calls this “emergent hood” and so I’ve called them “EGens.”
Four social forces:
1. Growth in higher education to an expectation for many if not all.
2. Delay of marriage — average male marries at 27.
3. American and global economy that destabilizes careers.
4. Parents willing to extend financial support much longer than previously.
Manifestations in Christianity and Church:
1. The content and texture of the faith shifts for EGens.
2. The family life is not as stable.
3. EGens may miss church attendance for 15-20 years.
4. EGens participate in ual serial monogamy — a series of partners.
5. EGens expect financial independence before marriage."
Lots of claims are made about young people and how it will affect the church, but these seem relevant and believable.

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