Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday stuff

True story: I went to get my eye glasses fixed last Tuesday, and the doctor was out and the receptionist couldn't help me because... she couldn't find her glasses. Honest.

Cathy and I went to see a local production of The Pirates of Penzance, and I have been trying to work the phrase "the felecity of unbounded domesticity" into all my conversations since.

Here's an article about the odds of dying from different things and what we pay attention to.

Both Floyd and Cathy got Lyme disease this last month... it's one of the few downsides to living where we do. All to common (and named after the Connecticut town Lyme). They should be fien with antibiotics, but there are a lot of scary stories out there about what Lyme can do if not detected.

This is a very funny billboard. I wonder if Satan paid for it?


Knumb said...

Ho noes! Floyd got bitten by a tick again! And Cathy too? Argh!

I'm borrowing that risk link for some hang gliding sites.

I knew Satan was big in the billboard industry.

Markus Watson said...

First of all, thanks for your word of congrats! Macy's doing great!

And that billboard--if I didn't know it was paid for by the church, I'd think it was put up by people who really didn't like the church. Which would make me question whether or not I'd want to go to the church. But, hey... at least they're trying something new!

S.S.Stone said...

Sorry to hear Cathy & Floyd have Lyme D., great they found out about it and can be treated with antibiotics.
Billboard sign: created a lot of attention- it's done it's job!

Jim said...

I recently posted on the Viet Nam War Memorial and how statistics are just statistics until you walk 463 feet of names stacked 137 lines deep at the middle. Suddenly the volume gets into your heart.

I forget how I discovered your site, but have been reading for a few weeks, enjoying both your perspectives and your style.

Brad Wright said...

Markus & Sarah, I think the church put it up themselves, but it's unclear who they are trying to attract.

Glad to hear about Macy!

Jim, welcome to the blog. I agree with you about the Viet Nam memorial--it's amazingly powerful.