Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Life's dreams as ova

I am in my mid-forties (though I look like I’m in my fifties and act like I’m in my early teens), so, like others my age, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to accomplish in life. You see, I think that I have enough time to accomplish dreams, but it’s getting late enough in the game that I should probably get going.

In thinking about all this, I am struck by how long I've had the same dreams or goals. For example, as a kid I always wanted to fly--dreamed of it even. In college I did a little skydiving and then forgot about. A year ago, I realized that I still very much want to, so I got into hang gliding (and love it).

Maybe our life dreams are like ova. Women are born with all the ova (eggs) that they will ever have, and it's just a question of which, if any, get fertilized. Likewise, maybe we're given our dreams and life goals at a young age, and much of life’s journey is simply remembering, prioritizing, and enacting them.



trrish said...

Yeah, I agree. There is something about an "old" dream that just never goes away. It's as if we intuitively know what's going to feed our souls.

I really like the idea that we can pursue those old dreams. That is very appealing to me.

I'm a firm believer in "it's never too late". One of my dreams was always playing music and singing in a band. I did quite a bit of that as a teenager. Then, not so much. Almost a year ago, I stumbled into this local church. I kept going back, and one day walked up to the band director after the service and said "hey, if you ever need a substitute keyboard player..." The next thing I knew, they had turned the keyboards over to me. The pastor had been playing but he really preferred guitar.

So, I'm in a band, and I really, really enjoy it. It transports me to somewhere else, for a little while. And in between our worship songs, we sometimes get a little Zeppelin in (hey, the song has "Heaven" in it!)

Uh oh, I feel an "inventory of dreams" coming on....

Knumb said...


To extend the metaphor:

If you don't take sufficient of your life's dreams, and they are getting old, you run the chance of having to masturbate in a small room in a medical building to bring them to life?

//had to be done

Brad Wright said...

What a cool story Trish. Do you have groupies yet? Does this mean another tattoo? Actually, know you can go around and say that your with the band.

Brad Wright said...


1) Yes, it had to be done

2) Yuck!

(Pretty funny)

S.S.Stone said...

Liked this--"dreams"...sometimes when we follow our dreams we give up on what may have been more important in the long run. Never know do we? -that good old uncertainty of LIFE!

nick-o said...

Great post, Brad. I agree. I am an expansive dreamer. And I catch myself sometimes regretting or wishing... Then, I considered the truth that the present is all I have and am guaranteed. So, I should seize the day and actually plan in my busy schedule to do things that most interest me. Duh, right. It's been liberating and fun. Also though, it's difficult choosing which dreams to go after first. Priorities. Going with the flow. Having kids and a wife in grad school do make choices easier, though, by limiting the possibilities in the present.