Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Church attendance by gender and denomination

(Part 6 in an 8 post series on Christian church attendance)

The previous post examined gender differences in attendance rates for all Christians. Here, again using GSS data, I analyze how these gender differences vary by denomination, dividing Christians into three groupings: Catholic, Evangelical, and Mainline Protestant.

As shown, the most frequent church attenders among Christians today are evangelical women followed by evangelical men. This suggests that denominational effects are even stronger than gender effects.

Also, the gender gap appears to be narrowing among Catholics and Evangelicals, but not among Mainline Protestants, for attendance rates for Catholic and Evangelical men are trending upward, relative to women. Aside from this difference, the distance between the male and female lines is similar across all three denominations, suggesting that overall the gender effect in attendance does not vary by denomination.

Next: Attendance rates by age.

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