Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why I am no longer talking to my brother...

I am no longer talking to my brother John because I can not talk--I have choked on jealousy. Above is a picture of him with his brand-spanking-new Falcon 195 hang glider.

If you happen to see him, tell him that maybe I'm really happy for him!

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Knumb said...

And I thought you didn't pick up when I called (on the way home from the hill) today because it was too late (8:59 PM)

Get out here, bro, it was a great day today and they're only gonna get better. You'll fit in my harness and my wing while I'm crawling under desks hooking in loose ethernet cables.

Why, we can even squeeze your trip in between two weeks of that pesky Tuesday evening class they make you teach.