Saturday, January 06, 2007


My brother John did his first hang gliding solo last week. That means he jumped off a mountain and fifteen minutes later landed about 2200 feet below. Wow! Way to go John. For a humorous account of it.

Sociologists have difficulty predicting future social outcomes (we do much better in "explaining" the past). So, I am proud of this one. After the Lord of the Rings movies, which I loved, I predicted that there would/should be a chicken-wings shop named "Lord of the Wings". Well, I was close.

Over Christmas I took six family members for a several hour walk in the woods. Now, I know the trails around here pretty well (we start at our front door), but I asked if anyone had a cell phone in case someone twisted an ankle or otherwise got hurt. Turns out we had three cell phones and two GPS units along for the walk. Ah... roughing it.

Guess which businesses are harmed by warm winter weather? Ski areas & snow plowing services, obviously. Also, auto body shops, who get a lot of business from fender-benders, and roofers, who fix roofs that leak when heavy snow packs on them. (From a story in the Hartford Courant).

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Knumb said...

Thanks bro, though we can't all stick the landing on our first solo.