Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tagged: Five things about me

I've been tagged by Michael Kruse to give five odd facts about myself that most people would not know. My first reaction to this was to be pleased... Michael Kruse writes one of my favorite blogs--full of social science & faith. It also has a hilarious "about me" section.

My second reaction was one of concern. Obscure facts about myself? That's why I started a blog, and, frankly, I used up all the interesting ones in my first three days. With that in mind, here goes:

5) Cluelessness. I sometimes display breathtaking levels of cluelessness. I chose a college, University of California at Davis, because it was on the coast, and I wanted to be near the ocean. Turns out that its in the middle of the state, and I didn't' find out till my Dad drove me up the first day. (Thankfully he knew where it was!)

4) Hair. I recognize people that I don' know that well by their hairstyle. I'm sufficiently observant about this (and very little else) that I can look at a class of 100 students and know instantly who has gotten their hair cut since the last time I saw them. I actually have trouble learning the names of guys who have short hair and wear ballcaps.

3) Ice cream. Until about 2 years ago, I honestly thought that Ben and Jerry pints were single serving sized. As in: I'm getting a Ben and Jerry's, do you want one? (They are actually four servings, and some people--I've heard--don't eat them all at one time).

2) Malaria. I had malaria in college (from a trip to Kenya), and it ended up being a pivotal point in my understanding of Christianity.

1) Pilot. Sociology was my second choice for a career. The first? I joined the Navy flight program, and ended up getting out due to a slight problem with eyesight.

Let's see, who is next? I'll tag Corey Colyer, Jay Livingston, and Jimi Adams.


Dan Myers said...

Brad, You've got us all curious. The story behind number 2 has got to be worth at least a post or two!

Michael W. Kruse said...

"They are actually four servings..."

Vicious lies, I tell you! Lies!!


brewright said...

I feel the same way Michael. I might have even cried when I found out about the four servings.

Yes, I suppose #2 is a bit of a cliff-hanger. I'll figure out how to work it into a post somehow.

Knumb said...

Offering Brad ice cream is like offering Hitler Poland. :D

#2 is the most interesting one, told bell to bell, IMO.

There are some other pretty interesting facts about Brad, but since I'm trying to get him to come out and visit for some hang gliding, I'll restrain myself. There's also a Mutually Assured Destruction element to my restraint.

brewright said...


Thank you for your restraint... sadly you have a lot more material on me than I on you, so this is a battle I'm happy to avoid.