Tuesday, June 14, 2011


One of my life goals--believe it or not--is to play more jokes on people. I used to all the time, but somewhere along the line I kind of got boring; hence my renewed commitment to silliness.

As this video shows, really funny jokes can be simple and playful.

Thanks Gus (with whom I laughed really hard with at this video while in line at the new Sonic drive-in)

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Knumb said...

Hey Brad, I've got one. I occasionally get notebooks that are at the end of the line. Wouldn't it be great to take one (dead) to starbucks and pretend it works... then, after 15 minutes, spill a coffee on it, try to wipe the coffee off, drop it on the floor, go to pick it up and step on it, slip because you step on it and fall on it.

Stand up, say "I meant to do that," throw it in the trash, walk out.

Every person there would have as story for the night.