Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Excellence in promoting fear

I was teaching today about the culture of fear hypothesis, and a student gave this commercial as an example. When she described it, I actually didn't believe her, but as usually happens, truth is stranger than lecture.


Kenny Johnson said...

Certainly the commercial is a bit over the top, but I don't have a problem with the product itself.

When does practical safety concern turn into irrational fear?

I imagine most people in urban areas lock their doors at night even if the possibility of a home invasion is very low.

Mr Veale said...

This looks like a weapon of mass distraction designed to disrupt lessons and irritate school teachers!

Practically, if every student carried one, Schools would be unmanageable!

They would be set off for fun...and eventually the alarms would fail to alarm anyone.

Graham Veale

Brad Wright said...

I think you're right, Mr. Veale, that there would be a lot of false alarms. Would make for a great prank.

Mr Veale said...

I get the impression that your teachers would have loved your practical jokes, Professor Wright

Graham Veale
(High School Teacher)