Friday, May 13, 2011

On the receiving end of the Flynn Effect

The Flynn Effect is the observation that IQ scores have steadily risen across the world for decades now. While this social fact is open to multiple interpretations, I have certainly witnessed in my own life. That is, my kids are definitely smarter and better educated than I was at their age.

Case in point: 10-year-old Gus and I last night went to the local middle school orientation for next year, and he came home talking about whether he wanted to learn Latin or German (French, Spanish, and Chinese being the other options). When I was entering fifth grade, I think the only new words that I was learning were vulgarities.

This morning, when I was making him breakfast, I listened to him humming a classical tune that he's learning in his piano lessons. At that point, I realized that I too had been humming--the theme from the Flintstones.

I'm all for my kids doing better in life than I have, but they are taking it too far!


jeremy said...

Great; now I have the Flintstones theme stuck in my head. Thanks, Brad.

Brad Wright said...

After posting this, I did too for awhile. :-)