Thursday, May 26, 2011

Becoming a diva

It's a well-known unvalidated assumption that best-selling authors are also high-maintenance people to work with; in short, they are divas. Because I've never seen any studies that establish the causality direction of this relationship, I'm not taking any chances. As such, I am trying to become (even) more difficult to work with, just in case it helps with sales.

My first effort: The publicist at Bethany House asked me to get a cellphone so that he could get a hold of me more easily for last minute interviews regarding my new book.

Well, the old me would have happily agreed, but I put some thought into it, and I replied that I would, as long as I got the request as a Haiku.

I received the following Haiku, which I enjoyed quite a bit, and off I went to get a cell phone.

Hungry media
monster never satisfied;
cell phone appeases

I think I like this high-maintenance thing!


K T Cat said...

The worst thing is that you have to wear a disguise every time you leave your house!

Brad Wright said...

I'll take your word for it, KT... I don't have any paparazzi yet.