Friday, March 18, 2011

Interview with me in USA Today on divorce rates

Here is an article that came out in USA Today earlier this week about divorce rates. I enjoyed the interview, and the information comes from my book.

Still, I was surprised by the comments on it. It seems like many articles on Christianity devolve into the same type of discussion regardless of their content. Troll-magnets.


hyderabad said...

The Content/ remarks were helpful. From

Josh Hunt said...

I really appreciate your book. I have recommended it quite a number of times. I just posted something on face book on it.


K T Cat said...

Having read your book, I was able to read your statistics into the article. If I hadn't read your book, the article would have told me nothing except that some people disagree over the definition of evangelical.

The comments don't surprise me. Everyone (especially me!) has their favorite axes to grind and trots them out when they can.