Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sociologists get religion

Here's an article from Inside Higher Ed that describes how sociologists are not only studying religion more often, but they're becoming more likely to use it as an independent variable.  In other words, they look at how religion changes people and groups, not just how social things change religion.

A quotation: "As a new study has found, there has been a significant increase over the last 25 or so years not only in the quantity of work done by sociologists on religion, but also in how religion is treated in those studies. No longer is it assumed to be only a reflection of some other socioeconomic trend, but increasingly it is treated as the factor that may be central to understanding a given group of people."


Thanks Patti!

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Sid said...

I first read your heading as "Scientologists get religion" then realized I need more sleep. Still not sure which reading would surprise me more.