Monday, October 19, 2009

Mormons in class II

When the Mormon missionaries presented in class, they had an interesting presentational strategy in terms of how to make Mormonism appealing to the listeners. Specifically, they went to lengths to present Mormonism as sort of basic Christianity+. They have the Bible, like other Christians, but they also have the Book of Mormon and modern day prophets. This seemed to accomplish two purposes: It made their religion look more beneficial, and it also made them seem less alien and strange because they too were Christian.

This Christian+ strategy worked best in the presentation, but during the questions some of the greater differences came out. Among other things, it came about that they think that they will become Gods in afterlife with their own planets or peoples to rule--which seems different from conventional Christian belief. Here's a description of that belief (though I can't vouch for its accuracy).


Brad said...

Not sure if you've seen this before, but it's a cartoon demonstrating mormon beliefs claimed to be made by ex-mormons. Apparently, everything in it has been taught by the mormon church at some point, though some points may be out of vogue now or may have just been spoken by a past church leader rather than being in their official scriptures.

Brad Wright said...

Very interesting. If true, it highlights significant differences between Mormonism and traditional Christianity.