Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Two tracks of Anglicanism

From a New York Times article last week: "Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, said profound differences among the world’s 77 million Anglicans over gay clergy and same-sex unions could divide their church into a “two-track model” yielding “two styles of being Anglican.”

It's hard to see how one denomination could sustain two separate models of faith without splitting, but if they do, it could become interesting. Why stop at two? There's plenty of moral issues on which people disagree. Eventually you could go to Anglican Church and be presented with a smorgasbord of options.

Visitor: "Let's see, I would like to sleep with my girlfriend, but not another guy. I don' t like giving to poor, but I'll give to the church. I'd also prefer not to experience any spiritual gifts."

Usher: "Thank you for visiting us. You'll be sitting in row 7 with other people like you."


Robin Dugall said...

LOL...you make a very very very good point!

mark said...

You wrote: "...There's plenty of moral issues on which people disagree..."

There are actually only 10 moral issues. They are of course the ten commandments, none of which forbid same sex marriage. And then there is Jesus, God came to Earth in the form of a man, and yet Jesus never bothered to mention homosexuality.

All this clearly tells me that Christians can't tell the difference between morality and their own quest for power and authority.

Your own data on this blog showed that the divorce rates among Christians are the same as non Christians.

There is nothing more ridiculous than a divorced Christian or a Christian who has cheated on his wife who is complaining about the immorality of homosexuals.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

As long as Christians continue to worship themselves and their own lust for power instead of worshipping God then the Church will continue to break down and break apart until there finally is one church for each of us.

Brad Wright said...

Thank you, Robin.

Mark, do you really think there are only 10 moral issues in scripture?

jess said...

"even so i don't like a few of the commandments...where do i sit?"

in the break-off model fellowship might be difficult as i'm pretty sure that i'm the only one who completely agrees with me!