Monday, August 10, 2009

More on the myth of Christian violence

An enduring myth about Christianity is all the violence and death that it has supposedly caused.

I posted on these a couple of years ago.

Here's another take from Andy Unedited:

"160 Million

I was with a group of friends recently when another common myth of western civilization was trotted out as if it were gospel. "We all know religion has caused more violence and death than anything else."

"Well, actually, that's not true," I ventured.

Heads turned. Mouths gaped. The planet itself seemed to wobble on its axis. "What facts do you have to support that?" said the historian in the group, eyebrow arched...

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Jeff L said...

There are also many myths concerning the "warfare" of science and religion. Readers can see here for the flat earth myth or here and here for parts I and II on Galileo's trial.

Nicholas said...

somewhat of an Apple versus Oranges comparision. The death toll is more of an indicator of how modern weaponary has affected warfare. Do you think that death tolls would have been the same if more ancient religous disputes had access to submachine guns, atomic bombs, and other mechanized war machines?

Brad Wright said...

Good point about long ago history, but... there were plenty of armies that decimated entire nations.

Also, Christians/ church have had access to modern weaponry in modern times, and they don't appear to be the main offenders.

Thanks for the links, Jeff.