Monday, March 16, 2009

Priest stands up to The Man

The main way that priests get into the news is through immoral behavior. Here's a priest who made it in with moral behavior--gasp! (Not that priests act morally, but rather that the media would notice.) Recently a Catholic priest, James Manship, here in Connecticut was arrested for allegedly interfering with an arrest.

Rev. Manship has a lot of Hispanics in his parish, and he believed that the police were harassing them. So, he went to the scene of an arrest.

According to the police report, "East Haven Officer David Cari said Manship was repeatedly told he was standing too close to police while they were investigating. Cari said Manship took an "unknown shiny silver object" from his coat pocket, which he concealed in his hands and refused to identify."

Oops... it turns out that the good Reverend brought along a video camera, and it's clear from the clip that he did nothing of the sort. I'm sure that the police and city will be in full CYA mode and try to make this probably-false arrest go away, but clearly the priest is standing up for what is right.

Click here for the video

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