Monday, March 02, 2009

On the business end of social comparison theory

Social comparison theory posits that we look to others to learn and to assess how we're doing. Who we compare ourselves with varies by why we're comparing ourselves with them. For example, are we trying to learn from them? Feel good about ourselves? See if we're doing as expected.

Well, last week I had someone tell me about a photographer named Christopher Burkett. I went to his website, and I initially thrilled by the beauty of his photographs. (See below for one of his best). Then, and not much long after, I got rather depressed that I'll probably never take a photo as beautiful as his. Ugh.... Maybe I should go find some mediocre photographer to cheer myself up with?


Knumb said...

gotchya covered, bro:

Have a happy day!

Ben Byerly said...

But can he take great pictures AND be a knock-em-dead sociology professor!!

Brad Wright said...

Thank you John and Ben. Yes, I bet that I'm a better sociologist than this Burkett guy--good point!