Monday, July 28, 2008

Trip to Fresno

I spend last week in Fresno clearing out my parents house. Here's my summary of that trip, by the numbers:

1 house, completely empty
1 giant dumpster filled with stuff
2 trips to In-N-Out
2 great meals at Mexican restaurants
5.5 days spent packing, tossing, sorting
30 years that my family lived in that house
50 boxes sent to family members
100s of people at the moving sale... looked like we were being looted
Many, many times I said or thought "wow, there's a lot of stuff" or words to that effect

I'm ready to be a stay-at-home professor again.


Knumb said...

50 boxes? Wow. I think I had the smallest volume of the kids' stuff and I had a van to drive it home in... just no place to put it when I got there... time to go empty the van.

Thanks for the incredibly hard work you put into this, Brad. Somewhere in that book you write, you need to work in a dumpster full of things you couldn't sell for a buck... versus priceless memories. Things that we think are valuable end up barely squeezing into a roll-away dumpster.

Ben Byerly said...

Only 2 trips to In-N-Out?? What's up with that?

I guess there are advantages to changing continents every few years. I'm afraid our kids will never be able to say, "30 years that my family lived in that house." So far we've got 2 suitcases of "attic stuff" stored at my sister-in-law's.

I'm sure there were a lot of memories.

Brad Wright said...

Ben, I think that I'm out of training with In-N-Out... It sounds like we need to move to Africa for our mental health with all our stuff.

John, I forgot to mention, but a wicked cool thing was seeing you fly the ridge lift.