Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've moved to Patheos...

After a mere 1,107 posts on this blog, I've moved. The good people at Patheos asked me to blog on their site, and I'm using the change to try something new.

Also with several other sociologists who are also Christians. In it, we "share our observations and research and reflect on its meaning for Christian faith and practice."

The name of the blog is Black, White, and Gray. While Christianity has some black and white truths, Sociology is very much the study of gray, so it's interesting, and hopefully informative, to bring them together.

Here's a post on how Christian love might be swayed by concepts of deservingness.

So long blogspot, hello Patheos.  I hope that you join me there.


chrisblackstone said...


Any chance the RSS feed for your new blog can be changed so that all of each post is available over RSS?

Brad Wright said...

Hello Chris,

At this point, no... sorry. I think Patheos wants people to visit the blog itself to see whatever else is on there.

Thanks for asking,