Sunday, April 03, 2011

Go Huskies! I mean, autism research.

Last night, while driving home from an errand, I noticed that the main building on campus was lighted in blue light. (Usually just a regular white light). It's final four, UConn is in it, and UConn's colors are blue and white. I thought that was a fun idea and hoped it would become a tradition for when UConn teams do well.

While... I spoke with a neighbor today, one who is in the University administration, and he explained that the blue light is to support autism.  Apparently an autism advocacy group has asked universities to shine a blue light on this weekend, and it just happens to be the final four.



tanta Lois said...

did autism become altruism through spell check auto correct? it was international Autism Day...?

Brad Wright said...

thanks Tanta!

Brad Wright said...

I wonder when the international day of careless spellers will be?

Evangelism Coach said...

We give meaning where none is supplied.

This should also be the reason that we need to explain our faith when we are serving people in church outreaches.

Otherwise, we are letting people guess our motives and hope they guess right.