Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Church doing the right thing

A church that I am familiar with has had a tough couple of years. Their lead pastor stepped down amidst moral impropriety and financial mismanagement. What's surprised me the most in this difficult situation is the congregation's response to the situation. As I've heard members of that church talk about the situation, they've intentionally sought to show love and mercy to the previous pastor, his victims, and the church as a whole. Several people even made it their goal to support him personally as he transitioned to a new life situation--despite the considerable hurt they felt. Wow.

I'm sure that that church wasn't perfect in it's love, but compare it to how other organizations might respond. Imagine a bank CEO embezzling funds or a childcare worker somehow putting children at risk or a physician withholding treatment. In any of these situations the organizations response would probably be rather severe, and I can't imagine a lot of concern and support for the offending individual.

Once again, I appreciate the good work of the church.


K T Cat said...

So why do you think they did this? I would argue that sitting in a building listening to someone teach you about Christ for an hour a week is bound to have some positive effect on you. I think that's the mechanism behind the statistics in your book as well.

David Weakliem said...

I think you meant to say "not perfect in its love" didn't you? Either that or the spirit of the Christmas season is making you a lot more trusting.

John Umland said...

that's a great observation. what a great church.
God is good

Brad Wright said...

I would agree, KT. It seems that the Christian message often sinks in more than we think it would.

I agree, John, about the church...

David, ho, ho, ho... happy holidays! (Thanks)

Brad Wright said...

Dear "anonymous",

I'd be happy to respond to your comment if you would like to e-mail me directly.

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Mark said...

I'm all for showing love to people who commit crimes but I'm not for helping them escape the consequences of their actions. Is this pastor going to serve jail time for his crimes? if not, why not? Is this pastor putting together a plan on how he is going to pay back all the stolen funds? If not, why not?

There are a lot of people in this world who say they are sorry but when it comes down to restitution for their victims it turns out they are not that sorry. It turns out that they are only they are sorry they got caught.

So, show lots of love but don't let criminals take further advantage of you or your church.

Brad Wright said...

Hello Mark,

It doesn't appear that the pastor broke any laws or stole anything... just left the church within dollars of having to close, despite receiving lots of donations previously.