Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Jerk Club

Someone very close to me inadvertently joined the jerk club. You see, she was trying to submit a book order to a person at the campus where she works. The fellow did not respond, so she sent another order. Still no response. Finally, upset about the problems that it would cause she sent a strongly-worded message insisting that he get back to her.

She learned a few days later that he had passed away a couple months ago. Oops....

She told this to a colleague, and the colleague welcomed her to the "jerk" club for chewing out a dead guy.

This colleague then told her of other inductees, and, well, there are good stories of dumb things people do on campus.


Knumb said...

Please tell her we meet second Wednesdays... I'll fedex a sportcoat out with instructions for the secret handshake.

Brad Wright said...