Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Things people do when they are texting

For awhile now, I've been noticing that people text while doing just about anything else. Yesterday I was driving across campus, which has lots of construction underway, and a police officer directing traffic almost caused an accident because he didn't see two cars coming into the intersection at the same time. Why? Because he was texting.

I've also seen gratuitous texting while people are:
* Driving (of course)
* Walking across the state highway next to UConn, amidst traffic
* During one of my lectures (who wouldn't want to)
* Using a urinal at a Notre Dame football game, while also holding a big cup of beer
* Scolding their child in a supermarket parking lot
* Playing with their children in a park
* Riding a roller coaster at Six Flags
* Talking to me during office hours

Any to add to this list?


Mike Crowl said...

The fourth on your list is quite some achievement....!
Here in New Zealand, they've made it against the law to text while driving, because of the concerns that there have been a number of fatal (and non-fatal) accidents caused by driver inattention.
I've seen someone texting while reading a book...

Brad Wright said...

Texting is against the law here in the state I live in too, but lots of people still do it.

Mathsquatch said...

I have seen people "hanging out" with each other while simultaneously talking to others on their cell phones. It also happens with texting... Texting is a pain. I do it, but I try not to do it too often or in places where it is unsafe or just plain rude. I have also seen people texting during church. I sure do hope Jesus gets all those text prayers they must be sending him!


Anonymous said...

There is a young man in his early 20s who texts while playing tennis in the street in front of my house. His opponent is a non-texting 9 year-old. The 9 year-old wins...